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I have given birth 4 times, and each time with a different midwife. With my 4th child I lucked out, and Charlotte was on call. It was the most perfect birth I could ever imagine. Charlotte trusted my ability to give birth, and allowed my body to birth instinctually. But when I needed guidance, she knew exactly how to support me. During pushing, she instructed when I should give it my all, and when I should hold back. Because of this, I was able to deliver a 9 pound baby without any tearing. It was my biggest baby, and my best recovery.

I have been a doula for 11 years, and have worked alongside many care providers, and Charlotte's skills are top notch. She is a true asset to the birthing community.

Marie Bigelow

Charlotte saw me through two pregnancies, one resulting in an emergency C-section, the second in an all natural VBAC. Though both pregnancies and deliveries Charlotte's confident, engaging, dynamic and caring manner made me feel like I was in the best of hands. I really appreciated Charlotte's balance: she has all the earthy holistic qualities a good midwife should have, but that is balanced by her smart, scientific nature that takes the most modern science into account. During my first labor, Charlotte supported me through 17 hours of natural labor before an emergency C- section. I know that Charlotte did everything she could to try for an all natural birth, and when she suggested that a C-section was best, I knew that was the right decision for me and my baby. During my second labor, 14 hours of natural birthing including 2 hours of pushing had me ready for another C-section, but thanks to Charlotte's support I was able to have a successful VBAC. I am so excited that Charlotte is opening her own birthing center, Boise is lucky to have her! My only regret is that she didn't open it sooner so that I could have birthed there, maybe I should have another baby...

Samantha Mora

We tried for 3 ½ years before we had our son and I give Charlotte a lot of credit in that. When other doctor’s told me that I would have to seek help from the fertility clinic to have a baby I went into my next appointment looking to get on birth control so we could start saving money. I was lucky enough to have my appointment assigned to Charlotte. She listened to me and my reasoning behind getting on birth control, looked at my tears within the first 5 minutes of meeting me told me about other options before a fertility clinic. In 4 months we were pregnant. At my first appointment with my husband I told him if he wasn’t completely sure about the midwife being my choice and he wanted an OBGYN that we could look into working with another doctor. Charlotte walked through the door, chatted with us for a few minutes and then stepped out to grab something. The three minutes she was gone Jeff looked at me and said we are definitely not looking for a different doctor. Charlotte is so caring, she gives her time and attention and I never once felt like she was rushing from patient to patient. She shared my excitement with me and cared for what I wanted out of my pregnancy and delivery. I loved my whole pregnancy and the care I got from Charlotte even after I was pregnant. If I still lived in Boise, without a doubt I would go back to Charlotte. Charlotte is very good at what she does and above all makes you feel like you are her family.

Cyrita Martini


I have given birth to two beautiful baby girls. My first was up north with an OBGYN who I didn't love. I moved to the valley while I was pregnant with my second. I had never considered having a midwife but when I called to set up care Charlotte was the next available person. I made the appointment with her and am Soooo glad that I did. From the first time that I met with her she let me know that she was there to care for me and baby. My body doesn't do pregnancy well. My second pregnancy could have easily been my worst, but with every problem my body threw at me Charlotte was there with an explanation and solution. I went through too many girly issues to count and Charlotte made me feel completely comfortable. I was very worried that I would be pushed in a homeopathic direction by having a midwife. I was concerned that I wouldn't get the pain management that I wanted or be able to deliver the way that I wanted. Charlotte was very willing to do whatever made me comfortable and kept the baby safe. I eventually ended up having an epidural and Charlotte was still able to get me safely up on my knees during labor to try to promote progress. My child was too much for my body to deliver vaginally and when Charlotte realized that I would need a C-section she explained it to me. That is a scary experience and Charlotte made me feel completely comfortable with the decision. She knew when we needed help, she knew my body's limits, and she knew how to make me ok with that decision. Through the cesarean I was worried that Charlotte wouldn't be able to help my baby. She was there the entire time. Not only was she able to assist the Dr. in delivering my child, she was able to alert the medical team when the medicine for my pain didn't work. She was the reason that I was taken care of during that procedure. She was also completely right in her decision to move to the cesarean. My kid had a Huge head.

Charlotte was absolutely amazing. If you're like I was and are hesitant when it comes to a "natural" approach then Charlotte is the person to go to. She respected my choices throughout the entire pregnancy and was able to recommend things that I never would have thought of or tried without her. She offers a wealth of knowledge that I haven't found in anyone else. She brings this balance of medical information and natural techniques that turned my potentially horrible experience into the best birth story I could hope for.

She didn't stop caring for me after my baby was born either. She is able to talk me through my hormone imbalance and suggest both medicinal and natural remedies for the girly issues my body continually throws at me.

Whether you are looking for a natural birth or just someone who can walk you through a comfortable pregnancy and delivery, Charlotte is the person to go to. I cannot recommend her strongly enough.

Kristen Huntting


Charlotte Salinas Wilkes was my midwife with Layla and we LOVED her more than words can say!! I'm so excited for her and this adventure!!!!

Angela Allington

There is no other place that gave us the freedom to make choices for our prenatal, birth, and postpartum experience. The staff are amazing and put our needs first. This is the Treasure Valley's best women's health and birthing center. Thanks so much!

Rob Tarver

Choosing to have our daughter here was one of the best decisions we have ever made. The level of care we received and continue from Charlotte far surpasses any I have ever received elsewhere. We had a beautiful water birth on April 21,2015 at 2:15 am. I caught my daughter and it was the most empowering experience I have ever had. I cannot say enough wonderful things about the care that we received from Charlotte and her staff.

Nicole Foss

My experience with BWHBC was epic and life changing. I had incredible support from the staff and was guided through amazing community resources. It truly "takes a village" and we were welcomed with open arms. I highly recommend the Boise Women's Health and Birth Center if your looking to be educated, empowered, loved, and moved by such a transformative life event!

Danielle Hittle

4 yrs ago, Charlotte delivered my daughter Remington. Even though she wasn't on call that day, she still came in to deliver my baby girl after I refused to give birth until she was there!! She was so sweet, calming and reassuring when things got tough and very nerve wrecking for me and she was just amazing! I wouldn't have chosen anyone else to deliver my daughter!!!

Gabby Lorenzi