Now partnering with St. Luke's downtown providing in hospital birth option

Our Services

Women’s Health Care

Full Scope women’s health care beginning in adolescence through menopause.  Includes screening, breast exams, birth control counseling, education, treatment for abnormal menses, infections, PCOS and peri menopausal and menopausal symptoms.  We use a integrative medicine approach meaning that we include diet, supplements and alternative therapies in our care.

Hospital Birth
You have the option of delivering at St Luke’s Downtown Hospital either as a planned birth location or if needing to deliver in the hospital due to increased risk factors.

Initial Consultation:
We provide a free consultation to interview the midwives, tour the birth center, as well as to review estimated costs, insurance coverage and payment schedules. It is also a time to discuss where you would like to birth your baby and to discuss any health issues that may require a different kind of care.

Maternity services include:

Midwifery Care

Midwife literally means “with woman.” Midwives provide care that reflects a deep understanding of the needs of women, families and newborns and the intricate process of pregnancy, labor, birth, mothering and breastfeeding.

Midwives understand that pregnancy and birth are normal processes in a woman's life, they provide personalized, compassionate, and thorough maternity care. This includes comprehensive physical and emotional care for a mother, the family and her baby through pregnancy, labor, birth and continuing after the baby is born. Our midwives are present during the labor and birth, which is often not the case with other care providers who "check-in" periodically during labor and are present for the delivery itself. 
Midwives specialize in primary health care for women of all ages, including pap smears, breast exams, physicals, fertility counseling, and family planning.

Our midwives are well trained to recognize any complications that may affect the health and safety of a mother and/or her infant and will consult with physicians as needed for complications.

Numerous studies have uniformly concluded that Nurse-midwifery care has outcomes that are equal and in some ways better to those of physicians with the same types of patients. CNMs are particularly good at providing care and increased communication that helps women prevent complications. A standard of Nurse-Midwifery care is that CNMs have a mechanism in place to consult, collaborate and refer patients to physicians or other health care providers when questions or problems arise. If a woman needs care beyond the midwifery scope of care, our midwives assist in accessing and implementing the appropriate level of care for the client’s particular needs.

Initial Consultation

We provide a free consultation to interview the midwives, tour the birth center, as well as to review estimated costs, insurance coverage and payment schedules.  It is also a time to evaluate whether or not you qualify for a birth center birth. If not we can make appropriate referrals for you.

We will go over billing and payment options in more detail at your initial consultation.  We are working on contracting with area insurance companies and are currently contracted with Blue Cross, Aetna as well as a Medicaid and TriCare provider.  Medicaid as well as some other insurance companies, will not reimburse for a birth center facility fee due to lack of licensure in the State of Idaho.  We are able to accept Medicaid for our services only however the facility fee would be the responsibility of the patient.

 Nitrous Oxide

 Boise Women’s Health & Birth Center is the first free standing birth center in idaho to offer our patients nitrous oxide as an option for pain relief during labor and delivery. The Pro-Nox nitrous oxide system delivers a blended mixture of 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide analgesia which is self- administered by the patient. Nitrous oxide has a long history of being used world-wide as a primary form of pain relief and has become very popular with laboring women in the US.

We are offering this pain management option as another measure to assist women in coping with the challenges of labor. The Pro-Nox system delivers a consistent mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide that is administered quickly, easily, and safely and has a very rapid onset of action.

Adding the Pro-Nox system to our birth center allows us to offer a patient- controlled analgesia that allows laboring women to stay awake, alert and actively participate in the birthing process, while helping to ease pain and anxiety.


Maternity services include:
• Comprehensive prenatal care including group prenatal classes
• Birth Center or Home Birth with a Certified Nurse Midwife and RN or second midwife in attendance.
• Newborn care including initial exams,
 metabolic testing (“PKU testing”) and hearing exam
• Waterbirth
• Breast Feeding Support
• Comprehensive postpartum care, including a home visit if within 30 mins from the center 24 to 48 hours after the birth, and a 10 day, three week, and six visit.
• Childbirth Classes


Gynecological care includes:
• Pap tests and breast exams
• Annual wellness exams
• Preconception counseling
• Fertility assistance
• Birth control methods, including counseling in natural family planning,
oral contraceptives, and diaphragms
• IUDs - ParaGard and Mirena
• Nexplanon
• Treatment of common conditions such as yeast and urinary infections, PCOS, decreased libido, perimenopausal/menopausal symptoms, abnormal periods
• Full scope prescriptive authority
• Alternative care
Referrals for mammograms, ultrasounds, and bone density scanning