Now partnering with St. Luke's downtown providing in hospital birth option

About Us

Our center officially opened June 23rd, 2014. The former North End Wellness Center at 1502 W Franklin St was renovated and transformed into a women’s health clinic and birth center. This beautiful home, originally built in 1869, has three birthing suites including 2 built in tubs and a portable birth tub.   It also has a family room/classroom, kitchen, 2 exam rooms, an ultrasound room and a waiting room.

The tubs in two of the birthing suites were designed specifically for birth through Waterbirth Solutions. They included digitally controlled LED bath lights, Everwarm with Ozone that provides a constant water temperature as well as sanitizes, and Thermal Air with Ozone that sends thousands of tiny heated bubbles providing a therapeutic massage from the neck to the soles of your feet. The Thermal Air also works as a Passive Back Warmer, especially nice for back labors. Thermal Air also address sanitation issues providing the cleanest birthing environment and meet all sanitation standards.

The Birth Center is conveniently located 6 minutes from Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center and 5 minutes from downtown St Lukes, in the case a transport to the hospital is required.

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Our Statistics:

Since opening, we have had consistently a 15% transfer rate prior to birth due to higher risk pregnancies or the desire to birth in the hospital for various reasons. With hospital privileges those statistics are going to change significantly as we are able to continue caring for our mama’s in most situations requiring a hospital birth.

About 90% of our births have been at the birth center, the others at home. Our overall statistics through January 2017:

Water births (74%)
Other position births (20%)
C section rate (6%)
Successful VBAC rate has been 100%

Number of mom’s using Nitrous in labor: 35%

Our overall transports rate has been around 12% for the following reasons:

Prolonged labor or dysfunctional labor 6%
Babies– 3% for various reasons
Postpartum hemorrhage - all stabilized prior to actual transport 2%
1 mom has been transported for a vaginal laceration since opening in 2014

Other complications included:

shoulder dystocia- (6%) - resolved quickly no transfer required
postpartum hemorrhage (12%) - resolved quickly no transfer required

Neonatal deaths - 0
Maternal deaths - 0